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Common Craft Show


Lee Le Fever of Common Craft Show

Lee Le Fever of Common Craft Show

Lee Le Fever of Common Craft Show offers for free lots of short, simple  tutorial videos which explain in plain English complex ideas.  Besides these videos, learners can also access for free the videos’ transcripts.  These tutorial videos are directly linked to YouTube.



Examples: World Wide Web in Plain English



Everything Explained In Plain English

Everything Explained In Plain English


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Computer Basics – RAW Skills For Everyday Life!!


Just click on the above link to watch a superb video which shows how to use a computer.  After completing the short course, the learner can print a summary of what has been explained in the video tutorial.  This site also offers direct links with other related topics.


RAW Computers - BBC

RAW Computers - BBC

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Online Free Courses – 1 http://alison.com

http://alison.com offers free online training courses.  Registered users (registration is free) can access graded courseware, follow graded tutorials (videos, speech and text), work out the online tasks and take part in quizzes.  After each tutorial, learners are assessed.  They can download their own records and are even certified!



Alison Free Online Course

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Windows Basics Computer Skills – SlideShare

Just click the link below to view this PowerPoint from SlideShare which shows Windows basics computer skills.  SlideShare offers lots of PowerPoints.  Most of them are downloadable but you have to be a member to do so.  To become a member just visit slideshare.net and log in by filling in the necessary fields. 


Windows Basic Computer Skills

Windows Basic Computer Skills


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How to manage your files


A seven minute tutorial by David Kinane on creating folders and using drag and drop to organise your files into folders.


Managing Files

Managing Files


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Managing files and folders: How to rename a File or a Folder

In this short video Michael Burton gives us some tips and shows us how to rename a file or folder in Microsoft Windows.

 Short notes:

Just right click on the name of the folder or file.

Select rename.

Just type the name that you want.

Pay extra attention not to change the extension (the letters after the dot) in the file, i.e. leave it as it is, otherwise it will not work!!

e.g. if it is  .doc, leave it .doc

.exe. leave it .exe

xls leave it .xls   etc.




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Learn Basic Computer Skills – Organising Files in Microsoft Windows

This is a free short video tutorial from expertvillage.com.  It shows how to organise files in Microsoft Windows.  Organizing files in Microsoft Windows is crucial when you want to find those files again.


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Mini-Project Using WordPress Blog and YouTube

Wk2: Blogs and YouTube

This year our eLearning Centre has decided to take part in a EU project and apart other software, we have used WordPress for Blogs. 

As can be seen from the children’s blogs on http://year5.skola.edu.mt the children’s blogs are being  a great success because in just a few weeks,  the year 5 blog has become quite popular not only with the Year 5s but among all classes in the colleges and even at home.   Moreover we eLearning teachers have visited all the schools giving PD sessions about blogging and teachers had first hand experiences on blogging. 

Now that many teachers and students are becoming more confident in using blogs, I have decided to focus on something new and unfamiliar with most of the learners, that of integrating Blogs with YouTube.  YouTube, like Blogs, is a good source for personal publishing and therefore our eLearning department should consider it for next year.


Courses offered at the eLearning Centre are only F2F – tutor and teachers.  So far courses such as how to use basic Microsoft Office are not blended and online courses do not exist.  So I decided to reshape and coin these two Web 2.0 applications together designed along our educational lines. 

Being myself a tutor of such courses and an eLearning teacher visiting various schools, I have encountered many learners who still lack the basic skills and confidence of using for example a Word Processor or how to operate Windows.     I have encountered teachers who are able to surf the internet to buy online or book for holidays but are not able to use basic functions of Windows (like creation of folders) or Word (like inserting pictures from files and formatting them).  The result is that they are not confident in the use of the computer and therefore do not embed IT in the teaching and learning process. 

In this Blog-YouTube project, I intend to create a new Blog (title and more details given later on) specifically designed for people who are novices to basic Microsoft Office applications.  Besides content, there will be links on YouTube of personally recorded videos using Jing software and digital video cameras and already uploaded videos. Raymond

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I have started this blog especially for those who find it difficult to use or are new to Microsoft Office applications.  In this blog, I will be including  Videos and links from YouTube which will explain in plain English how to use simple applications in Microsoft Office.  I will also include basic information on how to  manage basic Windows applications.    Raymond
ray bonnici

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